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So You Think You Know Bucks County?

Posted: December 10, 2019 by Karl Peterson

Did You Know:

  • Bucks County is the 4th most populous county in Pennsylvania
  • The county has a total area of 622 square miles.
  • Bucks County has 31 townships, 23 boroughs, 18 census-designated places and five unincorporated communities.
  • Bucks County is home to five colleges, 15 public school districts and eight private schools.
  • There are 16 county and state parks in Bucks totaling 7,500 acres.
  • Hikers can enjoy 475 miles of trails in the county.
  • Bucks County is a golfer’s haven with 28 public and private courses.

You knew all that? How about:

Flower: Violet

Bird: Cardinal

Mammal: Cotton Tail Rabbit

Tree: Dogwood

Fish: Catfish

Rock: Diabase

But do you know these fun facts?:

  • Bucks County was founded in 1682 by William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania. He named the County after Buckinghamshire, his family home in England
  • The Logan Inn in New Hope is the oldest continuously running inn in Bucks County and the 5th oldest in America. Established in 1727, it offered its services to George Washington and his men and is said to be home to at least four ghosts!
  • The movie Signs, directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring Mel Gibson, was filmed and takes place in Bucks County. The scenes in the bookstore and pizza shop were filmed in Newtown and the scenes of the house and cornfield were shot on 40 acres of land belonging to Delaware Valley University in Doylestown. The pharmacy scene was shot in Morrisville.
  • The Bucks County Playhouse opened on July 1, 1939 and over the next 70 years hosted the Who’s Who of Hollywood and Broadway legends including Grace Kelly, Angela Lansbury Bea Arthur, Walter Matthau and many more. See a play and then grab a drink or dinner out back at The Deck!
  • Bucks County is home to 12 covered bridges, many located on the beautiful country back roads.

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