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Packing for your move

Posted by Karl Peterson on September 07, 2020 in  Moving
Start now! It’s never too early to start packing because it’s going to take you longer than you think. Step #1: Get your supplies. Start begging, borrowing or buying boxes. Better to have too many than not enough.  Packing tape, packing tape dispenser, a big box of sharpies and newspaper will make a good start. Also stop recycling your plastic bags – they come in handy for wrapping and for holding hair accessories, batteries, hardware from disassembled furniture, and pretty much anything el... read more
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Professional Vs. Weekend Warrior - Home Renovations

Posted by Karl Peterson on July 09, 2020 in  Remodeling
“I know Kung-Fu” – we all remember Neo getting patched into the Matrix and learning Kung Fu from what was, essentially, Matrix YouTube. There are seemingly endless resources available to help do-it-yourselfers, such as books with step-by-step instructions and the before mentioned online how-to videos. The general rule is to undertake projects you feel comfortable with and have the skill set to complete with good results. Most people are handy with a paintbrush and can save some bucks handling cosm... read more
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What the Heck is an Acid Neutralizer?

Posted by Karl Peterson on January 01, 2020 in  Buying a home  Real Estate Advice
You just bought a house and the water test has come back showing a high pH value. Your home inspector suggests the installation of an acid neutralizer. What the heck is that? Acidic water is any water with a pH value of 6.5 or less. pH is measured on a scale between 1 and 14, with 7 representing the neutral value. Acid water occurs naturally, as rain falls to earth soft and slightly acidic. As it absorbs minerals and dissolves solid materials, the pH of the water can rise. Water with a pH value higher than 7.5... read more
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Did You Know: Bucks County is the 4th most populous county in Pennsylvania The county has a total area of 622 square miles. Bucks County has 31 townships, 23 boroughs, 18 census-designated places and five unincorporated communities. Bucks County is home to five colleges, 15 public school districts and eight private schools. There are 16 county and state parks in Bucks totaling 7,500 acres. Hikers can enjoy 475 miles of trails in the county. Bucks County is a golfer’s haven with 28 public and pr... read more
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